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Cocktails & Drinks

A dash of this, a splash of that! Whether your favourite tipple is a mint mojito or you love to indulge in a freshly made iced latte, the scents in this section are realistic reproductions of your favourite cocktails and drinks.

All our fragrance oils are concentrated and made in Australia.

Our fragrance oils are rigorously tested to ensure compatibility with a variety of waxes and to produce an amazing scent throw.

Our fragrance oils are supplied in hermetically sealed recyclable PET bottles specifically designed to protect against UV rays and keep the fragrance oil fresh. 

A delicious embracing aroma of almond mixed with buttermilk. Vanilla and caramel are added to give the aroma a feeling of warmth.Top Notes: Orange Peel, ButtermilkMiddle Notes: Almond, HeliotropeBase Notes: Caramel, Vanilla BeanVanillin Content: 1%Fl..
Ex Tax:$3.05
A combination of delicious strawberries and freshly ripened raspberries infused with champagne and roses makes this fragrance oil one of the all time best selling fragrance oils.Top Notes: Raspberry, Leaf GreenMiddle Notes: Champagne, Red Rose, Straw..
Ex Tax:$2.86
A refreshing combination of coconut and zesty lime invigorated by verbana and vanilla. This is another fragrance oil in our range that captures the exotic laid back charm of the Caribbean.Top Notes: Lime Zest, Lemon VerbenaMiddle Notes: Coconut, Peac..
Ex Tax:$3.27
A delicate vanilla fragrance with a subtle hint of bourbon. This scent creates a reminder of cosy winter nights snuggled in front of a relaxing fire.Top Notes: Pineapple, OrangeMiddle Notes: Amber, MaltBase Notes: Vanilla, Tonka BeanVa..
Ex Tax:$3.09
The aroma of dark roasted coffee beans, with a hint of chocolate and vanilla our fresh coffee fragrance oil smells just like the real thing.Top Notes: Buttercream, AlmondMiddle Notes: Coffee Bean, MaltBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sugar CaneVanillin Cont..
Ex Tax:$3.09
Fresh Persian lime combined with the juiciness of grapefruit is lashed with sweet mango. This zingy tropical scent is emboldened by adding the warming scents of nutmeg and cinnamon.Top Notes: Persian Lime, GrapefruitMiddle Notes: Blackcurra..
Ex Tax:$3.32
Roasted coffee beans, with a hint of caramel and chocolate finished with a sprinkling of sugar. Top Notes: Buttercream, CaramelMiddle Notes: Coffee Bean, MaltBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sugar Vanillin Content: 2.3%Flashpoint: 70°C..
Ex Tax:$3.09
Zesty Persian lime enhanced with a touch of lemon peel added to the fresh citrus scent of lemongrass. The addition of jasmine and rosewood gives the fragrance oil a soft floral undertone.Top Notes: Lime Zest, Lemon PeelMiddle Notes: Lemongrass, ..
Ex Tax:$3.50
Heavy on the lime with a touch of coconut give this fragrance a refreshing twist on the classic coconut & lime fragrance oil.Top Notes: Lime, VerbenaMiddle Notes: Coconut Cream, MaltBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, MuskVanillin Content: 6%Flashpoint: 72..
Ex Tax:$2.82
Freshly brewed black tea infused with the fruity, exotic scent of lychee.Top Notes: Bergamot, OrangeMiddle Notes: Black Tea, LycheeBase Notes: Cedarwood, AmberVanillin Content: NilFlashpoint: 93°C..
Ex Tax:$3.18
Notes of rum, spearmint and sugar cane combined with lime. An irresistible fragrance reminiscent of a traditional Cuban cocktail.Top Notes: Spearmint, LimeMiddle Notes: Sugar Cane, RumBase Notes: Musk, AmberVanillin Content: 1.3%Flashpoint: 61°C..
Ex Tax:$2.82
A sweet and tangy raspberry fragrance oil fizzing with energy. Sweet raspberry and the delicate scent of rosebud are combined with the citrus notes of bergamot and orange peel. Sweet melon adds a delicious fruitiness to this fragrance oil.Top No..
Ex Tax:$3.36
Get fruity with this sensational reproduction of the classic sex on the beach cocktail. Sex on the beach is a laid back fruity scent, filled with tropical fruits and peach schnapps mixed with vodka and cranberries.Top Notes: Pineapple, CranberryMiddl..
Ex Tax:$2.82
A refreshing fragrance created by blending water melon, casaba melon and lemonade, a tantalising reminder of long summer days by the pool.Top Notes: Lemon, Casaba MelonMiddle Notes: Watermelon, BlackberryBase Notes: Vanilla Bean, Sea BreezeVanillin C..
Ex Tax:$2.82
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