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Tart Wax

Tart waxes are designed for use in making wax tarts or wax melts. Tart waxes are not suitable for making candles.

Our tart waxes are supplied in flake form and are available in 500g, 1kg and 4.8kg sizes.

Golden Wax 416 Premium Tart Wax
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Golden Wax 416 is a soy wax that contains no additives and is natural and kosher. This wax is great for making wax melts and wax tarts. Golden wax 416 can also be used to harden other waxes and blends well with beeswax, paraffin and microcrystalline ..
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Golden Wax 494 Premium Tart Wax
Available Soon
Tart wax is a natural soy wax specifically blended with botanical additives to produce a wax suitable for wax melts and wax tarts. The ingredients in tart wax help to promote a smooth finish and resist defects such as frosting. Our tart wax is t..
Ex Tax:$7.23
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