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The Wilting Wick has a range of the most popular candle waxes suitable for the hobbyist and professional candle maker. When selecting your wax check out the information on the product page to determine which wax is suitable for your use.

Wax is supplied in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 5kg pack sizes, wax may be supplied in flake, bead or block form depending on the type of wax required.

Golden Wax 416 is a soy wax that contains no additives and is natural and kosher. This wax is great for making wax melts and wax tarts. Golden wax 416 can also be used to harden other waxes and blends well with beeswax, paraffin and microcrystalline ..
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Golden Wax 464 Premium Soy Wax
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Golden Wax 464 is a hydrogenated natural soy oil that also contains a soy-based additive. The additive enables the wax to be poured at a hotter temperature (around 70°C) which helps reduce frosting and enables the wax to retain a higher fragrance loa..
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Tart wax is a natural soy wax specifically blended with botanical additives to produce a wax suitable for wax melts and wax tarts. The ingredients in tart wax help to promote a smooth finish and resist defects such as frosting. Our tart wax is t..
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Kerasoy Container Wax 4130
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KeraSoy Container is blended specifically for the production of container candles, the wax does not require additional additives. Kerasoy Container is biodegradable and vegan friendly.KeraSoy Container wax has been designed for fragrance at levels be..
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KeraSoy Pillar wax is blended specifically for the production of pillar candles. Kerasoy Pillar wax is biodegradable and vegan friendly. KeraSoy Pillar has been designed for fragrance at levels between 5 - 10%. Fragrance which is specifically de..
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