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Clear Danube Candle Jar Including Knob Lid

Clear Danube Candle Jar Including Knob Lid
Clear Danube Candle Jar Including Knob Lid
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The Danube glassware range is of exceptional quality with thicker side walls and bases than the standard jars on the market today. The glassware is produced by the use of a mould as opposed to the more common blowing process of production, this in turn produces a more consistent finish.

As you would expect from a jar of such a high quality the Danube glassware range is also safer in the production and burning of candles.

This Danube Jar is packaged complete with knob lid.

Please Note: Due to the many variables in candle making, personal testing is required to achieve optimal results.

Jar SizeHeightDiameterWeight
Large128mm 90mm602g
Jar SizeWax Qty (Unscented)Suggested WickBurn Time
Small50gCDN6 or HTP8318 Hrs
Medium160gCDN14 or HTP10532 Hrs
Large260gCDN18 or HTP12645 Hrs
 Please Note: The information above is intended as a guide only.

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