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Maxi Tealight Cups

Maxi Tealight Cups
Maxi Tealight Cups
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Our tealight cups are manufactured using only 100% clear, flame retardant polycarbonate plastic. Complete with a wick centre guide on the base, our clear tealight cups are the number one choice for the candle maker when making coloured tealights. Maxi tealight cups are a larger version of the standard tealight cup.

Great for all container waxes, beeswax, palm, paraffin, soy and vegetable.

Maxi tealight cups are supplied with the maxi 6.0 wick included.

These tealights are not suitable for use with oil burners.

Please Note: Due to the many variables in candle making, personal testing is required to achieve optimal results.

Cup SizeDiameterHeightWeight
Cup SizeWax Qty (Unscented)Suggested WickBurn Time
Large50gMAXI 6.015 Hrs

Please Note: The information above is intended as a guide only.

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